Finalists of the Zwick Science Award 2014

The quality of the submitted papers in 2014 has been exceedingly high and it has proved to be a difficult but enjoyable task, assessing the entries in order to draw up a shortlist.

All participants demonstrated outstanding scientific work in their particular subjects which made the selection process all the more challenging. 

In the preliminary assessment procedure, we used different criteria including research methodology and outcome, clarity of the paper, and the level of scientific interest.

However, we have reduced a more than 100 submissions, down to a shortlist of10 papers, for the final assessment by our panel of judges. 

We are pleased to announce that entrants from the following universities are going forward for final assessment by our judges: 

  • Universität Siegen
  • Universitat de Girona
  • University of Cambridge
  • Kingston University
  • Isfahan University of Technology
  • University Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Universität Innsbruck
  • TU Dortmund
  • Ghent University

 Save the date on the 2nd of June 2015 in your diary to participate in our Academia Day which is being held at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland.  

Looking forward meeting many of you in Zurich 

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Zwick Science Award

The countdown of the Zwick Science Award 2014 is now over. We finally received more than 100 papers from 15 countries.

Thank you all for participating!

In the next weeks we will compile a shortlist and pass it to our judges for the final assessment. Hopefully by end of February we can inform the winners and invite them for our Academia Day on the 2nd of June at the ETH Zürich.

If you have not participated in the Zwick Science Award 2014, the competition is now open for 2015.

Looking forward meeting many of you in Zürich soon


Last chance to participate in the Zwick Science Award 2014

Take the opportunity to submit your scientific papers related to materials testing in the Zwick Science Award 2014. No matter which machine you are using or if you have designed your own test equipment, it is worth to participate.

A prize money of 8.000€ and an invitation to the ETH Zürich on the 2nd of June 2015 for the winners is waiting for all participators.

For the 2014 Award, we have already received more than 70 papers from 10 countries and have agreed to extend the entry deadline to the 31st December 2014.

Please take the opportunity to send your publications to us. The lucky winners will be sponsored by Zwick to visit Zurich to receive their awards and present their papers to an international audience.

Click on the following link for an impression of the 2013 Award presentation and seminar which was hosted by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

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First announcement of the Zwick Academia Day 2015, save the date.


On the 2nd of June 2015 we will have our 6th Academia Day where we will reward the winners of the Zwick Science Award 2014 at the ETH Zurich.

We are delighted to have the ETH Zurich as a host and we are looking forward for another successful event. 

ETH Zurich, main building


The topic of the day will be “New Materials – New Challenges”, where we will invite renowned speakers to give us some insides of new materials and developments. 

Not to mention, the Zwick Science Award 2014 is still open for submissions!

Don’t miss the chance to post your paper before the end of the year and maybe become one of the winners presenting your paper in Zurich. 

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teachXpert makes materials testing mobile for teaching

With teachXpert we made materials testing mobile. A trolley with a 2,5kN Zwicki will give teachers and lectures the opportunity to make an easy live demonstration of a tensile or bending test in the classroom. 

Mobile Zwicki with videoXtens

The trolley comes with all necessary tools as well as with different samples for an easy operation. Everything is inbuilt and nicely arranged. 

You just push the prepared test into the lecture hall, connect the power and projector to teachXpert and you are ready to demonstrate a test.  

The integrated videoXtens is not only measuring the strain with highest accuracy it also displays a live stream of the test to the screen. The students can see any detail while the lecture can explain the process. 

With these state of the art technology materials testing will become a vivid part of any lecture in materials science or engineering.

Best regards


Zwick technology at the vocational school of Lindau

Highly skilled worker are the key success for the German industry. This is the main approach of the vocational school of Lindau.  

In the department of packaging technology it was a common effort of the County of Lindau, the Bavarian organization of paper, board and plastics and Zwick to get a state of the art testing machine into the schools lab. 

With this new machine the students of the school are learning the latest testing technology. They get an in depth understanding of the mechanical properties of paper and board and they are well prepared for their future challenges in the coming career.

Celebration of the handover of the Zwick machine
R Strehle, J.Fischer, Dr.-Ing. B. Ruffin, M. Mader, B. Fischer, J. Schilling

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In-situ computer tomography characterization of composites

The ILK at the Dresden Lightweight Structure Campus has established a new testing facility to test textile-reinforced composites with a modern CT scanner. 

The aim was to have an inside view in the material under load conditions. Conventional test settings are testing the material after loading. In this case many cracks can be closed again after the unloading. 

With the new technology it will be able to identify characteristic damage phenomena on the micro scale in the moment of initiation.

250kN single spindle testing machine with a 2.000Nm Torsion drive before shipment

The machien with the integrated CT scanner at the ILK

Best regards


New idea to harvest silk

Our 2nd price winner of the Zwick Science Award 2013 was using a Zwick machine to measure the force for reeling silk directly from a silkworm.

Possible fixture to reel the silk directly from the silkworm

The force measured was in the range of 50mN.

For further information to the related materials see the references:
Mortimer, B., Holland, C., and Vollrath F., 2013. “Forced reeling of Bombyx mori silk: separating behavior and processing conditions”, Biomacromolecules, 14 (10), pp. 3653-3659.




A successful Zwick Academia Day in Madrid

On the 9th of April we had organized our 5th Academia Day in conjunction with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

We had 7 outstanding presentations from international lecturers all dealing with the mechanical testing of lightweight materials. This was an excellent insight about some of the most important research fields. Weight reduction to make airplanes and vehicles more efficient with less carbon dioxide emission is one of the challenges for mankind.

In this context we saw applications using carbon composites as well as magnesium alloys just to name a few and their challenges to define the mechanical properties of the materials itself on a coupon level all the way to full scale tests.

But the highlight of the day was the rewarding of the 2013 winners of the Zwick Science Award.

With 119 submissions it has proved to be a difficult but enjoyable task, assessing the entries in order to draw up a shortlist and get the winners nominated. Our international panel of judges finally came to the following conclusion with a split 3rd place:

1. Debrupa Lahiri, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Roorkee, India
“Carbon Nanotubes: How Strong Is Their Bond with the Substrate?”

2. Beth Mortimer, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
“Forced Reeling of Bombyx mori Silk: Separating Behaviour and Processing Conditions”

3. Javier G. Fernandez, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, USA
“Unexpected Strength and Toughness in Chitosan-Fibroin Laminates Inspired by Insect Cuticle“

3. Jochen Hempel, University of Freiburg, Germany
“SAW Strain Sensors – High Precision Strain Sensitivity Investigation on Chip-Level”

Lucky winners of the 2013 Zwick Science Award

After the reward ceremony all 4 winners had the chance to present their scientific work to an audience of more than 120 attendees of this Academia Day.

We are all looking for the next Academia Day in 2015 which will be announced soon and a large attendance in the 2014 Zwick Science Award.

Best regards


Winners of the Zwick Science Award 2013

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Zwick Science Award 2013.
The jury made the decision and we informed the winners already.

As we had a draw situation on the 3rd place we decided to reward both of them with 1.000€ and invite them to come to our Academia Day in Madrid.

The winners are from the following universities:

1.) IIT Rourkee, India
2.) University of Oxford, United Kingdom
3.) Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, USA
3.) University of Freiburg, Germany

We all are looking forward to our Academia Day on the 9th April. All of you are invited to attend this event where we not only congratulate the winners but also listen to their scientific presentations.

Best regards