A successful Zwick Academia Day in Madrid

On the 9th of April we had organized our 5th Academia Day in conjunction with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

We had 7 outstanding presentations from international lecturers all dealing with the mechanical testing of lightweight materials. This was an excellent insight about some of the most important research fields. Weight reduction to make airplanes and vehicles more efficient with less carbon dioxide emission is one of the challenges for mankind.

In this context we saw applications using carbon composites as well as magnesium alloys just to name a few and their challenges to define the mechanical properties of the materials itself on a coupon level all the way to full scale tests.

But the highlight of the day was the rewarding of the 2013 winners of the Zwick Science Award.

With 119 submissions it has proved to be a difficult but enjoyable task, assessing the entries in order to draw up a shortlist and get the winners nominated. Our international panel of judges finally came to the following conclusion with a split 3rd place:

1. Debrupa Lahiri, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Roorkee, India
“Carbon Nanotubes: How Strong Is Their Bond with the Substrate?”

2. Beth Mortimer, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
“Forced Reeling of Bombyx mori Silk: Separating Behaviour and Processing Conditions”

3. Javier G. Fernandez, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, USA
“Unexpected Strength and Toughness in Chitosan-Fibroin Laminates Inspired by Insect Cuticle“

3. Jochen Hempel, University of Freiburg, Germany
“SAW Strain Sensors – High Precision Strain Sensitivity Investigation on Chip-Level”

Lucky winners of the 2013 Zwick Science Award

After the reward ceremony all 4 winners had the chance to present their scientific work to an audience of more than 120 attendees of this Academia Day.

We are all looking for the next Academia Day in 2015 which will be announced soon and a large attendance in the 2014 Zwick Science Award.

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Winners of the Zwick Science Award 2013

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Zwick Science Award 2013.
The jury made the decision and we informed the winners already.

As we had a draw situation on the 3rd place we decided to reward both of them with 1.000€ and invite them to come to our Academia Day in Madrid.

The winners are from the following universities:

1.) IIT Rourkee, India
2.) University of Oxford, United Kingdom
3.) Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, USA
3.) University of Freiburg, Germany

We all are looking forward to our Academia Day on the 9th April. All of you are invited to attend this event where we not only congratulate the winners but also listen to their scientific presentations.

Best regards


Zwick at the DLR_School_Lab TU Dresden

How to get solar cell cheaper and more powerful? How to produce hydrogen with less energy input? How to design new materials with less weight and higher strength?

These are some of the questions which the DLR_School_Lab at the Technical University Dresden tries to answer for students in special hands on experiments.

Zwick is supporting the DLR_School_Lab with a state of the art universal testing machine to visualize some of the basic concepts of the mechanical properties.

During a first training of the lab staff special experiments have been prepared to demonstrate the students some definitions like strength, stress, strain, etc…

Training on a 20kN AllrounLine machine

Special testXpert® II features like the video capturing, user management or the machine environment have been introduced to guarantee an easy and safe operation for the students.

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Martensitic phase transition of Cu-Zn-Al is challenging our controller

Special shape memory alloys are showing a reversible structural phase transition. This transition can be introduced by increasing temperature or stress.

In the shown example it is introduced by stress (force) which can be nicely seen in the hysteresis in the force – displacement graph.

Force displacement graph with 2 cycles showing the hysteresis with constant displacement and force rate

While applying stress with a constant stress (force) rate, the control loop of the electronics needs to handle the abrupt change of the stiffness of the sample. Once the transition is in place any further displacement of the sample doesn’t induce any increasing force reaction of the material.

For a constant stress rate the machine needs to rapidly increase the speed to achieve the set stress rate without overshooting or oscillating.

Same cycles showing force and displacement over time

These tests have been performed during our testXpo together with Dr. Eduard Vives from the Universitat de Barcelona. Many thanks to him for contributing the samples to us and helping us to find the proper settings on our machine.

Best regards


For further information to the related materials see the references:

E.Bonnot et al. Phys. Rev. B 76, 064105 (2007)
E.Bonnot et al. Phys. Rev B 78, 094104 (2008)
E.Vives et al. Phys. Rev. B 80, 180101 R (2009)
E.Vives et al. Phys. Rev B 84, 060101R (2011)


TU Freiberg at Zwick

30 students from the TU Freiberg came to Zwick as part of a one week student excursion. The students are mainly in master courses from different faculties like machine engineering or materials science.

After a short introduction of Zwick we have shown different machines and applications with static or dynamic loading.

Students from the TU Freiberg at Zwick

Presentations of the Zwick Academia Day 2013

The Zwick Roell Group was delighted to welcome delegates to the recent Academia Day and Zwick Science Award Ceremony which was held in Manchester.

All the presentations inclusive the ones of the winners of 2012 can be downloaded here:

Presentations of the Zwick Academia Day 2013

Delegates during the Academia Day

For details of the upcoming Zwick Science Award 2013 please click on the following link:

Zwick Science Award 2013



Montanuniversität Leoben at Zwick

A group of 12 students have visited Zwick during a study trip to Germany.

The Montanuniversität Leoben is located in Styria Austria and has his founding back in the 19th century.  Founded as a University of Mining it has developed more and more expertise  in the field of an Technical University.

The students are from the department of Mechanical Engineering. Zwick was part of their excursion to the University of Stuttgart, Wieland, Kuka just to name a few.

We had a very interesting afternoon together with many questions regarding Zwick and Materials Testing.

We are looking forward to welcome more students at our facility to exchange ideas.


Successful Zwick Academia Day at Manchester University

With about 100 participants we had been able to provide the appropriate audience for the winners of the Zwick Science Award 2012.

The winners had the chance to present their rewarded papers within high class presentations from renowned speaker as part of the seminar about “Materials in challenging environments”


The lucky winners of the Zwick Science Award 2012

The feedback which we received from the delegates certifies or concept of the Academia Day for the future and we are looking forward in getting your submissions for the Zwick Science Award 2013.

We are planing to organize the next Academia Day beginning of 2014 in Madrid.

Best regards

Academia Day at the University of Manchester

Zwick 2012 Science Award Winners Presentation

Zwick was delighted to welcome delegates to their 4th Academia Day inManchester, which was organised in collaboration with theUniversity ofManchester. The event comprised a Seminar which focused on the topic; ‘Materials in Challenging Environments’ and the presentation of the Zwick 2012 Science Awards.

The Seminar attracted distinguished speakers from Universities in theUKandGermanyand interesting presentations ranged from the challenges encountered by materials employed in Nuclear Power Reactor Systems to the Mechanics of Materials at High Temperatures.

A highlight of the event was the presentation by Dr Jan Stefan Roell, of the Zwick 2012 Science Award and Paul Roell Medal. A total of 73 outstanding entries had been submitted for the 2012 competition and from a shortlist of 10 papers the 3 winners below were selected.

  1. Michal K. Budzik from the Université Bordeaux 1, France.
    “Instrumented end notch flexure – Crack Propagation and process zone monitoring Part II: Data reduction and experimental”
  2. Angelica Segovia from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain.
    “Essential work of fracture analysis of the tearing of a ductile polymer film”
  3. Pietro Carrara from the Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy.
    “Shear tests of carbon fibre plates bonded to concrete with control of snap-back”

If you would like to receive a copy of all the Seminar Proceedings please contact alan.thomas@zwick.co.uk

* Look out for details of how to enter the Zwick 2013 Science Award competition.

Students from UKM Malaysia at Zwick

Today we had the pleasure to welcome a group of 16 students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM. This group is on a two weeks trip through Germany visiting different University and Zwick.

UKM @ Zwick

Organized and sponsored by the DAAD they received a guided tour in our company which was finalized by some live test in our application lab.


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