• Tensile Characteristics and Tear Growth Strength
  • Tensile Characteristics and Tear Growth Strength

Tensile Characteristics and Tear Growth Strength

Specimens for these tests are usually taken from finished parts or a from a sheet; cutting presses with standardized blades are available from Zwick. It is important that the blades are provided with an ejector to avoid the risk of operator injury during specimen removal.
Various pneumatic or mechanical specimen grips are available.
For measurement of the strain at break, Zwick supplies mechanical and optical long-stroke extensometers. 

Typical Products for this Application:

Materials testing machines up to 5 kN 

Materials testing machines up to 5 kN

The single-column zwickiLine materials testing machine is specially designed for low test-loads, while its compact layout allows it to be used in a variety of locations. PrecisionLine is the ideal solution wherever high-accuracy measurement of force and travel plus excellent test-result reproducibility are required, for example when testing small compression springs for electro-mechanical components or functional units.



Specimen preparation for plastics

The ZCP 020 manual cutting press employs the bent-lever principle. Attractive detail solutions allow accurate, convenient, energy-saving operation. The bent-lever length was selected to achieve up to 30 % higher cutting force in the starting range than with conventional presses. This cutting-press features particularly operator-friendly design and can be placed on any workbench or laboratory table or mounted at optimum height on a suitably sturdy wall. In addition, particular emphasis has been placed on simple, quick, and exact height adjustment of the compression die to accommodate varying heights of different cutting blades.


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