Workflow-Based Software for All Your Testing Needs

testXpert III is a workflow-based software that keeps training time to a minimum and makes testing efficient and reliable. Let testXpert III guide you through the steps of preparing and running your test. Analyze all important test results in one view. All test-relevant settings are logically grouped and kept separate from general system settings. 

User-Oriented Home Screen

Integrated user management reduces the number of operator input options, showing only what is needed. Users see only what is important to them so they can focus on the task at hand right from the start. 

The first screen shows how user management restricts the tester's view so that it is not possible to change any machine- or test-related parameters. The second screen shows how user management provides all options to an administrator, who has no testing restrictions.

Home screen_admin_EN

Straightforward Standard-Compliant Testing

ZwickRoell offers over 600 test standards as prepared Standard Test Programs, preset to standard specifications with integrated results tables and statistics. With the open and search dialog you can instantly test to your application's standards and let testXpert handle the rest.

Set Up Testing System

The unique System Configuration Builder makes it possible to define reproducible test conditions and offers maximum safety for the user and testing system. 

  • All relevant testing system and safety settings are predefined in one system configuration to ensure reproducible test conditions. You can quickly and reliably set up the system by defining the test setup as a system configuration once, and then graphically linking it to the test program.
  • All system configuration parameters are loaded automatically for the corresponding application. The connected sensors are automatically checked and the test can be started only if parameters match the requirements. This means that the user does not need to adjust settings when tools are changed. The correct system configuration is automatically loaded in the background. For example, it is not possible to incorrectly set the software limit switch.

ZwickRoell offers the most reliable and efficient testing system on the market: testXpert III always knows HOW, WHERE, and WITH WHAT to test!

Configure Test

All test-relevant settings can be made with the intelligent wizard. Let testXpert III guide you through test configuration and automatically check your inputs for plausibility. The wizard shows you which test parameters must still be configured. The functions are available at the time they are needed. This is achieved through the visual highlighting of selectable elements. You can switch applications or test programs by simply clicking the Home button.

Run Test

Start a standard-compliant test with ease after setting all parameters only once. testXpert is designed to be purely intuitive. Related content is grouped together in one place and visually associated by a distinct color. The workflow is structured from left to right to make navigation quick and easy so testing is more efficient. Meaningful icons and a standardized structure for all applications make it easy to quickly navigate through the software. The click paths are designed to ensure efficiency. 

View Results

testXpert III reduces input errors, increases efficiency in the test lab, and communicates with every IT system through automated importing and exporting. In addition, all series and exports can be viewed in secure mode. This prevents users from making subsequent modifications to the data and results can be used to verify the test. 

General System Settings

testXpert III logs all test- and system-relevant actions and settings so you always know when does who, do what, why and who is responsible. The user management and electronic signature features ensure that test results are protected from manipulation at all times. System monitoring offers a detailed status overview of the testing system.