Zwick Roell runs the world – Employees Raise 14,000 € for a Good Cause

From last October to December, 300 employees ran 27,200 km for a good cause under the motto "Zwick Roell runs the world" . Zwick Roell is now donating 50 cents per kilometer to social institutions in Germany, China, South Africa and the USA. 60 days of running for a good cause – that was the goal for Zwick Roell employees from over 20 countries. No matter whether it was jogging, Nordic walking, or hiking, every kilometer counted toward the charity run. The top performers ran well over 700 km during this time frame, helping contribute to the grand total of 27,200 km.

The total donation amount rounds to 14,000 € and will go to a children's home in Capetown, South Africa, a children's hospital in Shanghai, China, and a cancer institute in Atlanta, GA. Employees were asked to make suggestions for a fourth non-profit organization that they personally support. As a result, the fourth organization that will be donated to is "Sport für alle e.V.", a sports club for socially disadvantaged children in Ulm, Germany, an organization that the employee supports regularly along with her family.


Zwick Roell runs the world

No matter if you are a marathon pro or a total running rookie, join our movement and raise money for the ones in need.


What is the "Zwick Roell runs the world" project about?

  • Zwick Roell employees from all around the world are running for a good cause for 60 days.
  • Our running track takes us to four social institutions around the world, a distance of 40,000 km.
  • Should we succeed in running 40,000 km in 60 days, Zwick Roell will donate € 20,000 to four social institutions.

How much money is Zwick Roell donating?

Our goal is to donate € 20,000 in total to four social institutions around the world. Only if we manage to run 40,000 km, Zwick Roell will donate the full amount. At the end of the run, we will donate the money equally to the four institutions.

To which social institutions are we donating money?

The donations will go to the following institutions: 

  • Hope & Light – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Shanghai Children’s Medical Center – Shanghai, China
  • Winship Cancer Institute – Atlanta, USA
  • Sport für alle e.V - Ulm, Germany

When does the race take place?

The race took place from October 8, 2017 until December 6, 2017. An app was used to record the distance run by each employee.

Who can participate in the "Zwick Roell runs the world" charity run?

Participation was open to all Zwick Roell employees, from our Zwick Roell headquarters in Germany as well as from our worldwide subsidiaries and sales and service partners.  



Hope & Light – Cape Town, South Africa

The kids of Sir Lowry’s Pass, a Township close to Cape Town, primarily suffer from poverty, crime, violence and the consequences of AIDS. In order to break this vicious cycle, Hope and Light Christian Community Welfare concentrates mainly on education and support for children to develop their social skills.

  • Kindergarten in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village Currently 75 children are looked after at the Kindergarten.
  • Children's Village In four houses 24 kids have found their new home. The children are Aids orphans and abused and abandoned minors. 750,000 kids currently live on the streets in this region.
  • Primary School Seven primary school classes, with a total of 250 students get an education here annually.

"Angel Wig"-Project by Shanghai Children’s Medical Center – Shanghai, China

  • SCMC is a state-of-the-art children’s hospital whose Hematology/Oncology Center is the largest leukemia treatment center in Asia. As such, it has many children suffering from hair loss caused by chemotherapy.
  • SCMC is committed to creating a positive environment for its patients. The medical staff not only provides advanced medical care to its patients, but more importantly provides them with loving and humane care. Hair loss from chemotherapy not only changes the way the child looks, but also greatly affects their psychology.
  • It is with this background that the "Angel Wig" public service project was launched in June 2016. The hair donated is used to make personalized wigs for children. SCMC hopes that through this project, the wigs can help the children to temporarily forget their pain, and also help to boost their self-confidence and bravely fight the disease.
  • Our donation of EUR 5,000 would provide 7-8 wigs for these children.

Winship Cancer Institute – Atlanta, USA

  • The Winship Cancer Institute was founded in 1937 and is Georgia’s first and only National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated comprehensive cancer center.
  • More than 15,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients are seen annually by Winship physicians.
  • With over 250 active clinical trials, Winship is dedicated to taking new cancer treatments from the laboratory to patients, providing cancer patients and their families with innovative options in cancer care.

Sport für alle e.V.“ – Ulm, Germany

"Sport für alle e.V.", is a sports club for socially disadvantaged children. The club absorbs the membership fees for children and adolescents from families in need in Ulm, the Neu-Ulm district, and the Alb-Danube district.


  • Social integration
  • Acquiring social skills
  • Making new friends
  • Promoting the development of children at all levels
  • Experiencing success in and with the group
  • Preventative measures against crime, alcohol and drug abuse



Running track

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