Zwick Science Award – Seven years and more than 500 submitted papers relating to materials testing

For 7 years now Zwick has been rewarding the innovative use of materials testing machines in science through the Zwick Science Award. During this time more than 500 scientists from 400 universities and research institutes around the world have taken part.
"The projects submitted cover an unexpectedly wide range of areas of use for materials testing machines in scientific research. We were surprised ourselves at just how many fields Zwick testing machines are employed in," commented Robert Strehle, Industry Manager for Academia and a member of the jury for the Zwick Science Award.

Over €30,000 in prize money has been paid out; universities whose work has been recognized include the following:

  • University of Oxford with the 'Pull-out force of a silk thread from a silkworm'
  • University of Bristol 'The chewing robot'
  • Trinity College 'Fracture toughness of locust cuticle'
  • University of Bordeaux 'Instrumented end notched flexure'
  • IIT Roorkee 'Carbon nanotubes'
  • University of Innsbruck 'High-performance dilatometry under extreme conditions'