Zwick 1478, 100 kN, RetroLine testControl II

Refurbished with the latest technology.

Before a testing machine is offered for sale in the Zwick Online Pre-owned Market, it undergoes a thorough refurbishment to ensure that it conforms to Zwick's quality standards. Zwick guarantees that all used test equipment is fully operational and conforms to current testing technology.

Modernized Zwick materials testing machine type 1478, 100 kN

Note: The materials testing machine including accessories shown is one of several equipment versions and is not indicative of what will be included in your delivery.

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Advantages & features

  • A pre-owned testing machine or instrument comes with up-to-date Zwick testing technology.
  • A pre-owned testing machine offers full service/support reliability, as the warranty is identical to that for new machines. This also applies to other makes of pre-owned testing machine.
  • Zwick guarantees spare-part availability for a minimum of ten years. In case of difficulty, help is available swiftly by hotline or directly on the sport.
  • Pre-owned machines supplied by Zwick are state of the art with regard to measurement and control electronics and testing software. This allows the use of additional sensors, fixtures and other accessories from Zwick's extensive range, enabling new testing requirements to be easily accommodated.
  • The machine is completely refurbished, including replacement of defective items and wear parts.
  • Pre-owned machines are fully tested and calibrated before delivery.
  • The machine is refurbished externally (in many cases repainted).
  • Currrent safety-related requirements are adhered to.

Innovative testControl II Machine Electronics

All of Zwick's materials testing machines are equipped with the powerful testControl II measurement and control electronics, offering the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results.

  • The electronics are installed vertically on the load frame to prevent liquids and from entering the unit and contact with conductive particles.
  • The high-quality finish protects testControl II from external influences. The components used are highly durable.

Maximum Accuracy

High (24-bit) resolution and A/D converter with 400 kHz sampling rate for maximum measured-value accuracy combined with large measurement range. As an example, even the smallest force changes on the specimen can still be recorded and displayed accurately.

System Monitoring

testControl II system monitoring provides the user/laboratory manager with detailed information on the current status and level of utilization of the testing equipment. This enables further increases in testing equipment availability and greatly simplifies maintenance planning and spares/replacement procurement.

Safety for the Entire Testing System

The two-channel safety circuit, including Emergency STOP, crosshead limit stop switch and interlinked accessories, Drive OFF switch and motor brake function, together with the operation mode switch, ensure enhanced safety during setup. The CE-compliant electrically interlocked safety device prevents interference with the machine during the test.

Machine Compliance Correction

High-quality drive technology plus online correction of machine compliance enable very high travel-measurement and positioning accuracy. testXpert II automatically determines the optimum curve, ensuring maximum possible accuracy for travel measurement and positioning via the crosshead displacement transducer.

  • Real-time correction via the corrected channel directly in the testControl II electronics, regardless of test speed and duration!
  • Control and positioning directly to the corrected channel.
  • Ideal for tests for which direct-measurement extensometers cannot be used.

Fast, Adaptive Drive Controller

The high drive control frequency of 1000 Hz delivers fast, precise force and strain control. Benefits include enabling components to be loaded very quickly and accurately with a predetermined force.

In addition, all required control parameters are set automatically, for fast, accurate attainment of target positions. This gives time and cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming pretesting.

Eco Mode

testControl II electronics switch automatically to eco-mode when not in use, saving energy.

Controller Setup

Special controller set-up for testing situations with demanding control requirements. For example, if the force sensor is located on the fixed crosshead in force-controlled tests, the controller can simply be switched in the software.

High Data Transmission Rate

Synchronous 500 Hz measured-value acquisition-rate delivers fast measurement with maximum reproducibility (regardless of number of measurement channels). The measured-value acquisition-rate can optionally be increased to 2000 Hz. The high data transmission rate enables fast measurement with maximum reproducibility. This is highly advantageous for high-speed tests, short brittle-fracture events and in tear-growth, adhesion and peel tests.

Flexibility Through Modularity

testControl II has six flexible time-synchronized slots, allowing multiple sensors to be used simultaneously and monitored and safeguarded regardless of use.

  • As an example, an extensometer and a transverse strain extensometer can be used in addition to the load cell.
  • If the testing system is equipped with several load cells or additional sensors, these can all remain plugged in. All sensors which are plugged in will then automatically be protected against overloads.

Adaptive controller

All required control parameters are set automatically, for fast, accurate approach to target positions.

  • Changes in specimen properties during the test are compensated for online.
  • This brings time and cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive, time-consuming pre-testing.
  • Ideal for strain control to ISO 6892-1 Method A (1).

Gigabit Ethernet Interface

The Gigabit Ethernet interface (a proven industry standard) for the testing machine computer enables very high data throughput.

Powerful Drives

Powerful drives allow cyclic tests to be performed at maximum speed up to nominal load - with no waiting time between tests. AllroundLine and ProLine use maintenance-free AC drives.

Ergonomic Remote Control with Display

Tests can be performed entirely via the remote control, independent of the PC. All important information is shown on the display. Machine operation is therefore more ergonomic and effective. The rocker-switch with integrated dial makes positioning fast yet highly accurate.

Strain Rate Control

The AllroundLine drive technology’s excellent constant-velocity characteristics and interaction with the sensor technology and adaptive control make it ideal for demanding strain-rate control (e.g. ISO 6892-1, Method A1).

Innovative Interfaces

The innovative EtherCat® interface is incorporated as standard. The time-synchronized real-time Ethernet field bus system ensures future-proof integration of sensors and power units.

Time-Synchronous Signal Processing

Time-synchronous acquisition of measured values from all sensors connected to plug-in slots takes place at the fast system-frequency, as does data transmission to testXpert II. This ensures high test-result reproducibility regardless of the sensors in use or the test sequence; for example force and travel signal synchronicity is maintained, even with strongly differing test speeds.

Technical data




RetroLine tC II for 1478

Floor-standing model

Test load (Fmax)



Test area height



Test area width



Crosshead, max.



Ambient temperature

+10 to +35



Driving power




AC servo motor with concentrated windings, Hiperface® motor feedback system

Control, set value preselection

Digital (real-time Ethernet, EtherCAT®)

Crosshead speed vmin ... vmax

0.001 to 500




Power input specifications




Power supply





Permissible voltage fluctuation



Power consumption (full load), approx.



Power frequency