Zwick 3103 IRHD Micro Compact hardness tester

The Zwick 3103 IRHD Micro Compact digital hardness tester consists of a base housing with integrated electronics and display, a height-adjustable support table for specimens and a column with built-in IRHD micro measurement device (ISO 48).
Zwick 3103 IRHD micro compact


  • The IRHD Micro Compact hardness tester consists of a test stand with built-in height-adjustable support table for specimens and an IRHD micro test device (ISO 48) with integrated electronics. It can be used for testing O-rings, seals, moldings and hoses; a minimum thickness of 0.6 mm is required.
  • A 1-line LCD display shows measurement range, test time and measured value.
  • The test time (0 – 99 s) and language (English, French or German) can be set via coding switches.
  • At the end of the test time the measured value is shown automatically on the display; the testXpert II testing software enables transfer to the PC via RS232 interface for processing and archiving.
  • With testXpert II the test results are automatically transferred to a suitably prepared test report and statistically evaluated. A clear, informative test report is essential for product quality in line with ISO 9000.
  • Key plus points:
    - short training/familiarization time
    - short measurement cycle
    - no tedious travel to test starting point “100”
    - rapid setting for series tests
    - no adjustment required
  • A special centering station for rubber hoses, a magnifier and a swiveling mount with magnifying lens are optionally available.

Range of application

The IRHD Micro Compact hardness tester (Zwick 3103) is designed for hardness testing in the IRHD micro range on plastics and rubber and satisfies the requirements of ISO 48, ASTM D1415, NFT 46003 and BS 903 Part A26.

It is used in quality assurance and for goods inwards and outwards checks by plastics and rubber manufacturers and processors.

Technical overview

Zwick 3103 IRHD Micro Compact hardness tester



Item number

Test stand with height-adjustable support table


IRHD Micro Compact measuring device with integrated electronics and display



Rapid centering device for O-rings

Rapid centering device for O-rings 

As tests on O-rings using an IRHD or Shore hardness tester are virtually impossible without some means of locating them securely, this optional test device contains a centering station for O-rings to enable positioning to be monitored.