Zwick 3108 Pusey & Jones hardness tester

The Pusey & Jones hardness tester (Zwick 3108) meets the requirements of ASTM D531-89 and was specifically developed for testing rubber rollers and other similar specimens.
Zwick 3108 Pusey & Jones hardness tester

Key advantages and features

  • The electronic gage is integrated into the instrument and shows indentation depth directly in the Pusey and Jones scale. Each unit represents a displacement of 0.01 mm.
  • A vertical lead-screw incorporated into the rear of the instrument allows fine upward or downward movement of the gage.
  • The gage has a zeroing facility which allows the gage to return to zero at the push of a button when the indenter plus measuring rod is raised by about 3mm by lowering the body of the instrument.
  • The prescribed total force of 9.8 N is applied by moving the side-mounted load-lever downwards The end of the test time is indicated by visual and audible signals and the measured value is automatically shown on the display; the testXpert II testing software enables transfer to the PC via RS232 interface for processing and archiving.
  • The tester always displays the current measured value; up to 300 hardness values can be stored. If a significant length of time elapses without a test being performed the instrument will switch to standby mode.

Technical overview

Item No.



ball, dia. 3.175 mm

Test load, max. (Fmax)



Load weight

1000 ± 2


Measured-value display (Pusey & Jones)

0 - 300, 1 unit = 0.01 mm

Net weight



Dimensions (H x W x D)

250 x 90 x 130